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With the Extraordinary Give, your dollars and donations go farther than ever before! This year's stretch pool is a record HALF MILLION DOLLARS thanks to:

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Additional support from 

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On November 17, help your organization have a chance at more than $50,000 in prizes!

Armstrong World Industries Early Bird Challenge (Total Available: $10,000): The first 10 organizations to receive 50 unique gifts will each receive a prize of $1,000. Only one gift (per organization) per donor will be counted towards the prize. 

BB&T Golden Tickets (Total Available: $36,000): We have pinpointed 9 timeslots throughout the day to award Golden Ticket prizes! Golden Ticket prizes will be randomly selected by computer from all donations made during the appointed timeframe. A Golden Ticket is an additional $1,000 prize added to a donor's gift. Example: A donor makes a $25 gift. They are selected for a Golden Ticket, so the organization receives not $25, but $1,025! We will select four donors from each timeframe to win a Golden Ticket!

Glenmede Grand Prizes(Total Available: $5,000): We will award two Grand Prize Winners. The Grand Prize winners will be the organizations with the greatest number of unique donors throughout the Extraordinary Give. One prize of $2,500 will be awarded to an organization with an operating budget of more than $1 million and one prize of $2,500 with an operating budget of less than $1 million. Only one gift (per organization) from each donor will be counted towards the prize.


New for this year, we're introducing "365 Prizes": prizes that reward work and strategy that organizations are hopefully employing beyond the ExtraGive season for all 365 days of the year! 

Armstrong Flooring Creativity Prize (Total available: $2,500)

We want you to see you flex your creative muscles! New for this year, we'll be awarding a prize to the best marketing campaign! This prize will be awarded after November 17, and will be judged by submissions from organizations by a panel of local creatives in Lancaster. 

Here's how it works: 

    -After November 17, organizations will submit up to three examples of their marketing campaign, it could be a mailer, a poster, a video, an email, etc.

    -In addition to the submission, organizations will answer and be judged on four questions: "What story are you trying to tell with this campaign?"; "What is your campaign's name, slogan, and/or hashtag?"; "What makes this campaign different from other campaigns (both yours and other organizations)?"; "Was it successful? Did your donorbase grow?"


Highmark Collaborative Event Prize (Total available: $2,500)

The ExtraGive works best when people and organizations work together! This year, we're awarding a special prize for organizations who partner on a shared/combined event that works to break the mold of the typical fundraiser or give party. Much like the Creativity Prize, this prize will be judged after the day of the Extraordinary Give, and will require a brief submission, including photos of the event, a brief description of the programming, and the ways in which you collaborated!