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53 N Duke St, Suite 303
Lancaster, PA 17602

Advoz uses face-to-face dialogue to empower and restore our community in situations of conflict, violence and crime. Advoz formed from the merger of Lancaster Mediation Center (since 1980) and LAVORP/Center for Community Peacemaking (1994), and is now the primary resource in Lancaster County and Central PA for preventing violent conflict through training, resolving disputes through mediation and healing harm caused in crime through restorative practices. With your support, we are on track to reach more than 1,000 youth and adults with mediation and restorative justice opportunities in 2017, working toward Advoz's mission "to transform conflict and build community through face to face dialogue programs."
Each year, Advoz helps to reconcile more than 500 youth and adults in conflict and crime through mediation and restorative justice. Advoz is also equipping 500 more youth, parents, teachers and other leaders with conflict resolution and restorative practices training.
support youth and adults in training with snacks & handouts.
give scholarship for one teenager and parent to attend a Making Peace workshop and to improve their handling of emotions and conflict.
provide confidential space for face-to-face dialogue ongoing for one month.
equip one low-income community leader with peace-building skills.
coordinate one face-to-face dialogue between people in conflict (or between those who've harmed and those who've been harmed in crime), from inquiry to resolution.
sponsor one Advoz open house to introduce the power of face-to-face dialogue to 20-30 new community members OR sponsor the distribution of one newsletter to reach 2,500 community members.
coordinate five mediations or restorative justice conferences to address conflict and harm in neighborhoods, families and schools.
customize a curriculum to help local schools create inclusive, equitable discipline and justice through restorative practices.
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