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Elizabethtown Public Library

10 South Market Street
Elizabethtown, PA 17022

We are the hope builders, the dream makers; the avenue by which people may see the potential of a better tomorrow & find the resources to achieve that vision. Why does it matter that we are hope builders? Studies show that hope is losing ground and despair is slowly gaining. We need to turn that around. How does the public Library do this? We are so glad you asked! We make relevant resources available to all people. We serve. We don’t judge. The Library helps people make a fresh start. Did you ever make a bad choice? Did something unforeseen occur in your life? You needed a fresh start. We help with that! When a teenager realized she was pregnant and was cast out of her home, the Library helped her find resources for housing and healthcare. When a middle-aged man unexpectedly lost his job, we connected him with tools to help build his technology skills and helped him find a new job within two months! When a local family’s home was damaged by fire they got online at the Library while the children had a clean and safe place to read and play. Your support helps people change their life story. You provide avenues of hope, encouragement, and resources for people in the Greater Elizabethtown Area and beyond.
We are the greatest encourager and advocate in the pursuit of happiness. The Library is the safe place for gathering and connecting; bringing people and resources together to get smart, solve problems, and make the world a better place.
provide a take-home financial literacy kit for families to use as they participate in financial literacy programming.
fund a science exploration program for children & families.
fund start-up costs for the kindergarten readiness take-home discovery packs to be unveiled in the spring of 2018.
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