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KPETS - Keystone Pet Enhanced Therapy Services

2120 Oregon Pike 2nd Floor
Lancaster, PA 17601

KPETS is a network of registered volunteer teams who partner with their companion animal(s) to provide comfort, encouragement and rehabilitation through human/animal interactions. Serving local communities in health-related facilities, social agencies, special-needs programs, schools, libraries, retirement communities and hospices, KPETS teams readily visit wherever the human/animal connection may be beneficial. KPETS services are free of charge. Established in 2003, KPETS has grown into an organization with more than 400 volunteer teams, providing over 10,000 visits of animal assisted therapy to hundreds of facilities every year.
Each year the number of KPETS volunteers and the people they serve has increased. Your donation ensures continued growth and expansion of services so that our theraputic teams can work their magic to even more people this next year.
help KPETS achieve our mission of providing comfort, encouragement and rehabilitation through human/animal interactions to more people in our communities.
provide training, registration, membership costs and materials for one volunteer and their dog, cat or mini horse to become a KPETS registered therapy team.
help offset the labor and technology costs of matching and connecting appropriate KPETS volunteer teams to the specific requested needs of the community.
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