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Lancaster County Conservancy

117 S. West End Avenue
Lancaster, PA 17565

Lancaster County Conservancy is an accredited land trust that acquires and protects natural lands for future generations. Since 1969, the Conservancy has protected over 5,100 acres of land in 46 nature preserves with over 40 miles of hiking trails. Our preserves are open to the public free of charge 365 days a year and provide opportunities for passive recreation like hiking, fishing, hunting and swimming. We have protected some of the most beautiful and beloved natural places in the area -- places like Climbers Run, Welsh Mountain, Tucquan Glen/Pyfer and Shenks Ferry Wildflower preserves. Our work cultivates a connection with nature and educates everyone of the importance of clean water, native species, biodiversity and proper land use, and by partnering with other non-profit organizations and government entities, we work to protect the health of our land, watersheds and local wildlife.
Lancaster County Conservancy ensures, restores and enhances the ecological function of all of our preserves for the health and well-being of our community.
plant a tree to divert storm water run-off.
cover the costs to care for four acres of lands in preserves like Tucquan Glen/Pyfer preserve, Kellys Run, Shenks Ferry Wildflower preserve and Welsh Mountain.
help youth and adults experience nature through research and education.
buy an acre of land and preserve it in perpetuity.
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