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Servants, Inc.

100 Redco Avenue, Ste. C-0
Red Lion, PA 17402

Servants, Inc. connects compassionate people with people in crisis. Servants’ 525 active volunteers serve by using their skills, gifts and experiences in providing home repairs and maintenance services for low-income older adult, disabled, and single parent homeowners in Lancaster and York Counties through the Home Helps program; by teaching extreme poverty-ridden families and communities in Guatemala to achieve a sustainable lifestyle through the Serving at-Risk Families program; by coordinating and leading mission trips nationally and internationally; and by delivering help for U.S. disaster victims and recovery efforts through the Disaster Recovery program.
The Home Helps program provides repair and maintenance services for low-income older adult, disabled and single parent homeowners who are living in an unsafe or unhealthy home in York and Lancaster Counties. Our 450 Home Helps volunteers receive the opportunity to help homeowners who typically have an income of less than $15,000/annual. The Home Helps program builds wheelchair ramps, both inside and outside for mobility and freedom; caulks windows and doors, and installs insulation to create efficient, warm homes; seals leaks and replaces individual windows so homes are dry from water infiltration; replaces rotting staircases, drywall, ceilings, doors and flooring for a healthy and safe home; installs ADA compliant bathrooms and repairs plumbing issues for the homeowner’s overall well-bring, paints the interior and exterior of the home, and performs property maintenance.
paint a home after rotting, moldy drywall has been replaced, after a front porch has been repaired, after a bathroom has their tub replaced by an ADA compliant shower, after rotting exterior wood has been replaced, and after degrading and crumbling ceilings have been removed.
build a wheelchair ramp for someone who is bound to their home by a recent disability or by an illness. Wheelchair ramps give low-income homeowners the opportunity to leave their home for doctor appointments, to visit friends and neighbors, and gives them an emergency exit in case of storm or fire.
help at least 3-6 very low-income homeowners receive the needed repairs to make their home safe and healthy again. Those homeowners should not have to live in unhealthy or unsafe homes that have leaking windows, rotting floor boards, dilapidated exteriors or fall hazards throughout the home. They should not have to live in conditions where the city or township require a repair or they will be removed from the home. They should not have to decide between food and medicine or the repair of a dilapidated, crumbling wall.
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