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Large Animal Protection Society, Inc.

PO Box 243
West Grove, PA 19390

Established in 1988, the Large Animal Protection Society (LAPS) is a nonprofit, state chartered, humane agency that has state authority to investigate cruelty complaints and prosecute offenders in order to enforce Pennsylvania’s animal cruelty laws in Chester, Delaware, and Lancaster counties. LAPS’ state-trained, court-authorized and badged Humane Society Police Officers provide a valuable community service by intervening in suspected cases of animal cruelty involving large animals. Similar to SPCAs that help dogs and cats, we use our facilities, equipment and experience with horses, donkeys, cows, pigs, goats, llamas, alpacas and sheep. In February of 1988, nine people gathered to form a new humane organization, the Large Animal Protection Society. Their goals, as stated in the charter were specific: “to protect large animals from abuse, neglect or cruelty through education and abuse.
LAPS is an animal cruelty law enforcement agency also providing education about large animal care to the community at large.
provide feed one malnourished and thin horse in our care for a week with veterinarian approved supplementation in the form of grain. Many of these horses require higher protein and fat concentrates to begin to set them on their road to rehabilitation.
provide up to 1 ton of grass hay suitable for most animals we have under our care and custody. Dependent upon our numbers and types of animals in our care at any given time a ton of hay may last 3-4 weeks.
pay for initial veterinary care for an animal coming into our program. Most of the animals we receive are through seizures or surrenders and require a complete veterinary work up the day they arrive at our farm. A general exam, blood work, testing for parasites and developing a custom feeding program through well qualified veterinarians from University of Pennsylvania is given to every animal regardless of species or condition. These initial exams can cost in excess of $500 and often require additional visits by specialists dependent upon their unique physical needs.
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